Milk the Cow, Christy Tania and a whole lot of cheese

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Went out last night to a fabby little corner of St Kilda, called Milk the Cow … a cracking licensed fromagerie, that is dark, cosy and smells like good cheese and liquor.

The occasion was one of their Chefs at the Cow nights, and the special guest was Christy Tania, head chef at Om Nom at the Adelphi. The theme was cheese desserts … four of them … with matched wines.

The night started with a raspberry champagne cocktail, and then just because we’re a couple of suckers for a good cocktail, Nicole had an espresso flip martini, and I had a Milk of the Corn. What’s a Milk of the Corn, I hear you ask. Good question:

Milk of the Corn with goat's cheese

Milk of the Corn with goat’s cheese

First course was parmigiano-reggiano and black sesame tuille, with blue cheese sorbet, poached pear in white wine jelly, caramelised walnut, and arugula fluid gel. Yes, blue cheese sorbet. It was amaaaaaazing:

1st course

1st course

That was matched with sake. Specifically Dewazakura Yamada Nishiki Daiginjo 48 from Japan. Not just any sake, let me tell you. Smooth as.

Second course was green tea financier with Fromage de Meaux, yuzu and honey caviar, fig jelly and spiced crumble. All smoked under a cloche … I can’t even begin to describe the flavours the smoke added, other than to say “campfire memories”. This was my favourite of the four courses:

2nd course

This was matched with Gregoris Pinot Grigio 2013, from Veneto, Italy.

The third course was basil sable with vanilla-honey-olive oil ice cream in choux pastry, pecorino cheese spheres, and kalamata olive crumble:

3rd course

This was matched with Patrizi Barbera d’Alba 2011 from Piedmont, Italy.

The last course was pistachio and olive oil mousse, citrus jelly, Beaufort d’Alpage cheese foam, white chocolate shell, pistachio sable and cherry griottine. And, as an added bonus, gjetost … which is just about the most wonderful thing I have ever tasted. It’s Norwegian, it’s made from whey, rather than curds, and in Norway it is often used as a coffee sweetener. It is the closest thing to cheese fudge, I swear. I now have a block of it in my pantry, because yum:

4th course

This was matched with Patrizi Moscato 2013, from Piedmont, Italy. Best dollop of the night for mine. And there’s a bottle of that in Nicole’s fridge as we speak.

Lovely evening. Amazingly inventive food from a terrific young chef. Got to head to Om Nom as soon as the budget allows.

Daily bread

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Doing a lot more cooking now that I’m working from home. And by “a lot more” I mean “more than once a month”.

Here’s today’s lunch.

Poached eggs and avocado on sourdough toast

Poached eggs and avocado on sourdough toast

Long time no blog …

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Greetings, loyal and faithful followers and readers,

If you’re still here you’re really keen and that’s why I love you.

News, I have news … as of July 29 I have been based in Melbourne. Still working with the MJA, but I managed to persuade them that as 99.9% of my job was done sitting in front of a computer or on a phone, I might just as easily go sit at a computer and phone in another city. And here I am.

I love Melbourne. Not just for the company, but because it is a fantastic city. And compared with Sydney, well … no comparison. One is a shiny shithole, and the other is calm, sophisticated, cultured, European, the best weather in the world and full of fabulous food and theatre and and and and …

Melbourne is, in short, the shiz. And working from home is great. No commuting. No public transport. I have an office cat. The fridge is just over there and I’m trusted to run my own race. All good.

So here I am. Can’t guarantee how often I’ll post, but I am in the land of the living, and the computer, for once, is mine, and not being overseen by the Corporate Overlords.


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