Back at work

In about me on June 5, 2012 at 11:20 pm

And I survived day one. Not only that but a friend actually noted that I was unnaturally chirpy about it all.

That won’t last, of course. I suspect probably about mid-afternoon tomorrow, or at best Thursday, I’ll suddenly realise that actually I was never on holiday at all. Just a product of a delusional mind.

Given the circumstances of my departure it was an interesting return.

One person admitted that they hadn’t been sure I’d be back. And that was interesting because that person wasn’t involved in any way, or even in the office for any of it. So clearly there was been some talking out of school.

But I expected that. There are too many personalities in that office who have no respect for privacy or even good management practices to have kept that between the three people in the editor’s office that night.

So … I am the newsroom nutcase. But, you know what, better that than the sucker working 50 hours a week for nothing but my own somewhat overblown work ethic.

So … good day.

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