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Fairfax ditches the subs … and the experience, and the wisdom, and the facts and the quality

In fail, media, oxygen thieves on October 18, 2014 at 4:22 pm

I’ve gotta say my mind is somewhat blown about Fairfax ditching subeditors and photographers from their regional papers. Leaving aside the fact that professional news photographers are the heart of a newspaper, ffs … let’s just talk about the consequences of eliminating subs from the process.

Look, journos care about three things, getting the news quickly (preferably first), writing it up so it makes basic sense, and making the deadline. Journos, in general, don’t give a good goddamn about grammar or spelling. We care about making a snappy intro, getting it all the right order, making the point, and moving it down the chain.

Sometimes, because we have to do it quickly, we might type 2 instead of 3, or him instead of her, or god knows, then instead of than. Especially if we’re filing from a poxy mobile device.

Subs have saved my arse than I care to remember. Literally, saved my arse. Spelling, tenses, bloody apostrophes, and yes, FACTS. They check facts. Who knew? They don’t just take the journo’s word for it, though we usually wish they would. THEY CHECK SHIT TO MAKE SURE IT’S RIGHT.

But that’s not the only consequence of sacking all the subs. Subs are usually the older, more experienced, relatively wise heads in the newsroom. Lose the subs and the collective age of a newsroom drops about 20-30 years. Not to mention the IQ.

This is a STUPID decision for any company that cares about the quality of its product. It’s a great decision if you want to save money, of course and that’s basically all that matters today if you climb any higher up a news publisher’s ladder than editor.

Dumb, stupid, fucked-up decision.

Blast from the past

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photo copy 6

Just trying to remind people who the bad guys are.

It’s not often I agree with Paul Sheehan, but …

In oxygen thieves, politics, religion on July 22, 2013 at 3:11 pm

Paul Sheehan’s piece in the SMH today resonated with me. Particularly this bit:

In an essay in The Monthly in October 2006, Rudd wrote: ”Another great challenge of our age is asylum seekers. The biblical injunction to care for the stranger in our midst is clear. The parable of the Good Samaritan is but one of many which deal with the matter of how we should respond to a vulnerable stranger in our midst. That is why the government’s proposal to excise the Australian mainland from the entire Australian migration zone and to rely almost exclusively on the so-called Pacific solution should be the cause of great ethical concern to all the Christian churches.”

For that matter it’s not often you’ll see me quoting the Bible either. But here I go.

Leviticus 19:34 … “The alien who resides with you shall be to you as the citizen among you; you shall love the alien as yourself, for you were aliens in the land of Egypt: I am the Lord your God.” (NRSV)

Exodus 22:21 … “You shall not wrong or oppress a resident alien, for you were aliens in the land of Egypt.” (NRSV)

It’s a telling day when a man backflips on his supposed core beliefs to get what he covets.

Apparently, this is how we are now

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Facebook completely misses the point

In fail, media, oxygen thieves on June 29, 2013 at 12:04 pm

So, you will have noticed the campaign on Twitter (and elsewhere I’m sure) in which giant corporations have had it pointed out to them that their advertising is appearing on Facebook pages that contain hateful content, notably rape, violence, misogyny, etc.

The companies have been urged to remove their advertising dollars from Facebook until such time as Facebook removes such content.

It’s been a very successful campaign. Many companies have indeed stopped advertising with Facebook.

And now, the ultimate success, Facebook has changed their policies.

Oh wait, what? Oh dear.

Yes, dear readers, not for the first time, Facebook’s tin ear has struck again.

Because, instead of changing their CONTENT policy — i.e., banning or refusing to host such hateful content — they have changed their ADVERTISING policy.

So please, continue to hate women, continue to incite violence against women, yes, please do, continue to post pictures, comments and promotions that objectify, disrespect, sexualise and humiliate women. But now, companies will have more control over whether their ads will appear on those pages. Isn’t that great?

No, Facebook, it’s not. You have missed the point. Sadly, this is nothing new for you. Your desperate drive for reach and revenue has once again caused you to take the path of least resistance, the path of least consequence to you.

You have once again failed to take responsibility for your content.

I look forward to the day when we all just grow up and get over you, I really do.

Anthony Weiner, ugly pants, a fabulous drag queen and a guy holding a sign for college credit. All in one pic

In funny, great photos, oxygen thieves, politics on June 29, 2013 at 8:18 am


Bill Shorten is a treacherous arse

In fail, oxygen thieves, politics on June 26, 2013 at 7:04 pm

Et tu, Dickhead?

Seriously, is there anything more pathetic than a politician eating his own words.

Here it is, voters … The comic stylings of Mal Brough (and/or his team)

In fail, feminism, great photos, media, oxygen thieves, politics on June 12, 2013 at 1:25 pm


It is amazing to me that this kind of hate is still considered acceptable by some sections of our society.

It is amazing to me that this was sent, allegedly to a “journalist” (Peter van Onselen) back in March, but he did nothing about it.


It is amazing to me that Joe Hockey, a man not unfamiliar with food, I think you’ll agree, to have been at the fundraiser and yet claim to have not seen the menu:


It is amazing to me that Tony Abbott can acknowledge the offensiveness of the menu and yet when asked if this will affect Mal Brough’s pre-selection, can say “absolutely not”.

It will be amazing to me if any of this reaches anyone west of Petersham or anyone, for that matter, not on Twitter. Because if it makes it as far as the 6pm news tonight it will be reduced to a 30-second sound byte. And yet Julia Gillard will continue to be slammed for her ‘gender wars’ speech a day ago.

I will be amazed and disappointed if any woman with a brain can have the lack of self-respect to vote for these Liberal arseclowns come September 14.

I’m amazed a woman as smart as Julie Bishop can bear the cognitive dissonance working with said arseclowns must inflict on her psyche every day.

What the actual fuck has happened to our politics??

There’s only one thing stupider than a cigarette …

In fail, funny, oxygen thieves on June 8, 2013 at 5:53 pm

… and that’s an electronic cigarette.


What. The. Actual. Fuck?

I know these have been around for a fair while, but I’ve never paid much attention. And then last night in the middle of some football converge, on comes an informercial.

Different flavours — apple, vanilla, coffee, chocolate. Hell, why not just dip a piece of chocolate in a cup ‘o’ liquid nicotine?

Believe the ad and you’ll believe smoking these ludicrous objects will save you $7000 a year on your cigarette bill. Despite the flavour refills and the chargers and the blah blah blah.

But hey, if you’re prepared to make a public goose of yourself pretending to smoke on these things by sucking on ‘em in public, why not stick it in your computer’s USB port to recharge during a business meeting.

Remember those candy cigarettes we used to be able to buy as kids? They were more sensible and cool than an electronic cigarette. And at least they had nutritional value.

Smoking is a dumb thing to start doing.

Buying an electronic cigarette because you can’t bear the loss of cool giving up smoking will cost you?

Pricelessly dumb.

So, today I got called a fat cunt

In fail, oxygen thieves, Sydney, travel on June 5, 2013 at 11:15 pm

Gosh, it was fun.

It was a routine evening in Sydney’s public transport world. The 412 was running, oh, about 55 minutes late, as multiple numbers of every other bastard route came and went. When it arrived, it was packed, naturally, but I scored a seat. Yay me.

A few stops on and a charmer clambers on. Yelling before the doors were closed. Calling us all fucking cunts, wanting a seat because his wrist was in a cast. Telling us all he was from the Shire, like that was going to make us give up our seat for him. Abused a woman for reading a book. Had a crack at “all youz cunts texting”.

Passed me with a glancing “look at that fat cunt”.

By the time the time the dust had settled there were about 20 people between me and him. I was all for wandering up to him and challenging him to call me that again to my face. But by the time there was a clear route to him, he slopped off into the night.

Much to the relief of my loved ones. Frankly, I was up for it.

I know bus drivers have a tough job. I wouldn’t want it. But isn’t it the bus driver’s job to stop these arseclowns in their tracks? Kick them off the bus before they do this crap?

Bring back conductors-slash-guards, I say.

Arseclown of a day, seriously. Arseclown of a city, frankly.


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