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The lizards have taken over Aussie politics

In politics on December 7, 2013 at 12:18 pm


I am unconvinced that those at the top of Australian politics are actually humans.

Abbott, the Bishop twins, Chrissy Pyne, Moronison … lizards one and all.

Bill Shorten? A particularly docile and dead-eyed lizard.

My only hopes are Albo and Plibersek.

Someone wake me up when they’re back in charge? I’m busy barricading the doors and windows.

Feral, right-wing arseclowns and Mandela

In history, politics on December 7, 2013 at 11:43 am


There’s utterly nothing I can say about Nelson Mandela that will add anything new. So I’ll offer just simple respect and gratitude for his life and legacy.

I wish some of our righteous, feral, right-wing arseclowns would similarly shut up. Jokes like Alan Jones, who famously called Mandela a terrorist, but yesterday was clambering up the piles of commentators, anxious to stick his flag of hypocrisy up the top.

Tiny, tiny men like Tony Abbott, refusing to lower the Australian flag until the day Mandela is buried. I’ll lay dollars to doughnuts this has nothing to do with protocol and everything to do with him saying “nah don’t bother” yesterday and then realising he was the only leader in the world not to do so.

There is nothing more uncomfortable than a Tory caught behind the lines of public opinion, squirming to make him or herself fit in with the majority.

Evil souls like Margaret Thatcher, who was quite happy to have mass murderers like Augustin Pinochet to tea, but could barely stand to shake Mandela’s hand when the sway of public opinion finally forced her to.

You can’t tell me the world wouldn’t be a better place with a few more Mandela’s and a few less John Boehners, dick Cheneys and Tony Abbotts.

Rest in peace, Madiba. You’ve earned it.

Blast from the past

In cartoons, oxygen thieves, politics on July 28, 2013 at 6:20 pm

photo copy 6

Just trying to remind people who the bad guys are.

It’s not often I agree with Paul Sheehan, but …

In oxygen thieves, politics, religion on July 22, 2013 at 3:11 pm

Paul Sheehan’s piece in the SMH today resonated with me. Particularly this bit:

In an essay in The Monthly in October 2006, Rudd wrote: ”Another great challenge of our age is asylum seekers. The biblical injunction to care for the stranger in our midst is clear. The parable of the Good Samaritan is but one of many which deal with the matter of how we should respond to a vulnerable stranger in our midst. That is why the government’s proposal to excise the Australian mainland from the entire Australian migration zone and to rely almost exclusively on the so-called Pacific solution should be the cause of great ethical concern to all the Christian churches.”

For that matter it’s not often you’ll see me quoting the Bible either. But here I go.

Leviticus 19:34 … “The alien who resides with you shall be to you as the citizen among you; you shall love the alien as yourself, for you were aliens in the land of Egypt: I am the Lord your God.” (NRSV)

Exodus 22:21 … “You shall not wrong or oppress a resident alien, for you were aliens in the land of Egypt.” (NRSV)

It’s a telling day when a man backflips on his supposed core beliefs to get what he covets.

Apparently, this is how we are now

In cartoons, fail, oxygen thieves, politics on July 22, 2013 at 1:27 pm


Kevin Rudd, where is your compassion? Hidden under your ego and hunger for power, I see.

In fail, politics, religion on July 21, 2013 at 11:40 am

Kevin Rudd’s new refugee policy is an outrage.

I would love to know what this current crop of power-hungry leaders thinks is the difference between the 15,000 or so asylum seekers arriving by boat now, and the 200,000 or so Vietnamese boat people who came our way in the 70s and 80s.

I can tell you the only difference I see. The asylum seekers wanting our help now are Muslims. That’s it.

This new policy is racist, xenophobic, lazy, fearful, half-arsed, cruel, morally bankrupt and has been delivered with such a look of Rudd glee that it makes me sick looking at the footage.

It’s racist not just because of the Muslims it plans to ship to PNG, but because of the way we are treating our nearest neighbours.

PNG is desperate for our money and our approval. We are about to ship Muslims to a nation with a violent brand of Christianity at the forefront of its culture. We are about to ship men, women and children to a place that does not want them, despises their religion, if they even understand it at all, and has zero resources to deal with them.

The sight of PNG officials standing quietly behind Rudd on Friday, acquiescing to the proposition that the likelihood of being shipped to their country was so horrendous and appalling that it will stop people trying to flee Afghanistan … it made me sick to my guts.

And I’m sorry, but people suffering in Afghanistan and Iran know nothing about PNG and even if they did, their reality is that ANYWHERE IS BETTER THAN HERE … so any belief that this policy will magically stop them coming is utterly delusional.

The tragedy of this is that the bogan, Alan Jones-listening, disinterested, bigoted, unwashed majority out there will love this. LOVE IT.

Labor’s been wanting to win back the western Sydneys of Australia — well, here it is. Rooty Hill’s going to adore this policy. Nice and hard line, nil impact for them, maintains their world view that all Muslims are evil and must be avoided, and keeps Australia for Australians. Pass the kebab, mate.

The current state of Australian politics is completely horrifying to me.

On the right we have a religious fanatic who will say and do anything to be Prime Minister of this country.

On the slightly less right we have a religious fanatic who will say and do anything to be Prime Minister of this country.

We have good people sitting on the sidelines having been knifed, forced to quit, or being kept silent and actionless by some weird internal pact about party loyalty or loss of ambition or something — Malcolm Turnbull, Penny Wong, I’m looking at you.

On the sidelines we have a far left party lead by a charisma-less Robert Redford impersonator in the invidious position of following in the footsteps of a man with an overload of charisma and a cult following.

Then there’s the Australian Democrats who are … what? More to the point, where?

And that leaves Bob Katter’s rabble and Clive Palmer’s insanity.

I don’t like where we’re heading, people. We’re heading for American territory. Galvanised, hateful debate. Every politician spouting fear and sliding to the right. Old timers who you would never have voted for now looking like moderate compassionate statesmen, looked on with nostalgia. Malcolm Fraser, I’m looking at you.


The New Yorker’s Bert and Erniw cover … I think I love it

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Anthony Weiner, ugly pants, a fabulous drag queen and a guy holding a sign for college credit. All in one pic

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The stalking of Julia Gillard

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From Allen and Unwin.

Cathy Wilcox nails Kevin Rudd

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