Heart’s Passage

(ISBN: 1-932300-09-0)

Now available from Regal Crest Enterprises, Heart’s Passage is the first novel from Australian author and journalist, Cate Swannell. Set in the the idyllic surrounds of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia’s far north, Heart’s Passage traces the story of two women from two vastly different worlds.

Australian Jo Madison is a charter yacht skipper in the Whitsunday Islands. Strong, independent and a loner by necessity as well as by choice, she has a past she would rather forget. The last thing on Jo’s mind is love. It’s a complication she not only doesn’t need, but doesn’t feel she deserves.

Cadie Jones is the long-time partner of a US senator, stuck in a marriage well past its prime and bordering on abusive, she is scared to leave and willing to work on it. The product of a privileged Midwestern upbringing, Cadie blossoms in the Australian sunshine, finding strength in herself and her growing bond with the tall and mysterious yacht skipper.

When Jo’s dark past comes back to haunt her, putting herself and Cadie in mortal danger, she must fall back on instincts she had thought long buried. Meanwhile, Cadie struggles to balance her previously predictable life against her attraction to the wild and enigmatic Australian.

Set against the backdrop of the splendor of Australia’s tropics, Heart’s Passage traces Jo and Cadie’s rocky path to an uncertain future.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Heart’s Passage is now available from bookstores and online outlets, like

If you don’t see Heart’s Passage on the shelves of your local independent bookstore, give them the ISBN (1-932300-09-0) and they will be able to order it for you.

Australians wishing to purchase a copy should contact me at

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